This Summer celebrate you happiness with Romantis

In Summer, Romantis has new wedding rings models in White and Gold Pureness collection.

The high quality, the different and modern design, the styles perfect, the voluptuous shapes and stone setting glamorous aspect of the final piece are the main assets of these new wedding rings.

Created for couples who wish their wedding rings to be special and symbols of eternal summer days, filled with sun and pleasant temperatures.  

In yellow and white gold and white zirconias, they are timeless pieces with a touch of the brand originality.

When buying a Romantis piece, you can make it your own, giving it a personal and unique touch, making them symbols of unique stories and single moments.

ALR5070B / ALR5069B
ALR5098 / ALR4928

To make the bride´s look even more perfect this Summer, Romantis has launched a new collection set as part of the Unique Moments, and it is made of a necklace, an earing set and a white gold ring with a 10 diamond stone setting.

Elegance and lightness are synonyms of the new Bride´s special set, which fits the different wedding dressses and hairstyles.


Keep youself beaufiful. Today is day to live all your dreams.


JOCOR5110B / JOTRR5110B / JOANR5110B




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Romantis – Special Moments
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