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The Romantis collection available it is only the one that figures in the collection menu?

No. Romantis have hundreds of models at your disposal, including distinctive and dazzling engagement and wedding rings. For Romantis a photo does not show the real splendor of a piece, we recommend the touch and the preview of the desired piece. If you still have not discovered your piece then you should search for it in your reliable jewelry shop or in the nearest Romantis agents who will do everything to please you.
You can also see the collection in detail at the events where Romantis regularly participates especially for you.

How to identify the authenticity?

The Romantis jewelry are serialized and sold with a certificate of authenticity attesting the genuineness of the piece. Combined with the certificate, each piece Romantis always have the Hallmark, the contrast of the manufacturer and also the Romantis logo engraved inside / outside. The combination of these factors attest the genuineness of your piece Romantis.
We will also give you, according to the due value, a guarantee certificate referring to the stone settings in all the diamond pieces sold by Romantis.
We also have an  “Authenticity” menu, where you should insert your serial number, given al the moment you bought your piece. Check all the data and activate your guarantee so you can obtain your piece´s authenticity confirmation (only for pieces bougjt after 01st July 2016).

Can I customize?

The Romantis rings can be customized according to your preference. We have the most advanced technology at your disposal. Just you and the jewel characteristics will define the limits. Engrave your name on the inside, writes a feeling abroad, or mark the moment with a simple phrase or dates that mark your life...

I have warranty? In which cases?

Of course, Romantis jewelry come with a lifetime warranty. This warranty is valid for manufacturing defects, and you should respect the basic natural care and the handling of your jewelry. To free additional information please consult the warranty menu.

How to distinguish the diamonds of my jewel?

The Romantis pieces, when are produced with diamonds, bring a warranty certificate, which specifies its constitution, as the metal karat, the weight (ct), the quantity of diamonds and manufacturer´s reference. The embedded diamonds are from a superior selection of quality in its color, purity and cut.

What should I care with my jewel?

The Romantis jewels and as all jewels or gold pieces, require basic care, if we want to maintain the quality and the good shape of the piece for many and years. Hitting your jewelry piece against other metals or surfaces imply structural damages to the jewel. On the other hand, gold exposure (white with rhodium plating) chemicals elements such as detergents and various liquids can also affect the durability of the color and the property of your jewel.
We recommend, therefore that accomplish it the most demanding tasks of day-to-day without the pieces placed. For more details consult the general care menu.

I lost my Romantis Ring ! Can I get an equal one?

Romantis rings have associated with its production, a major attention looking for the consumer´s full and permanent satisfaction. We Guarantee, in case of lost, the production of an equal jewel, with the same features and finishes today or 50 years from now. You just have to go to a Romantis agent and ask for the missing piece Romantis through the reference or serial number contained in your authenticity certificate.

Customer service

Romantis has hundreds of agents, spread throughout the world. Search in the jewelry shop you trust or the nearest agent to you, and find your desired and beloved piece. In case of any doubt or difficulty in finding an agent, fill out the form highlighted with the requested information and we will do everything to help you.

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