About Romantis

Born within a Portuguese jewelry company with an half a century of history, Romantis celebrates the special moments of our lives. Romantis was born in the 21st century, feeling a vital approximation of the stunning jewelry to the engagement and wedding´s world. Thus arises, to promote the sphere and atmosphere of romance and love which are linked to the intimate emotions.

Romantis is a jewelry brand that offers collections for wedding, highlighting the wedding rings and engagement rings. The high quality, bold and modern design, the perfect stone  setting, bulky shapes and careful finishing are the main arguments for the brand distinction.

The Wedding and engagement rings Romantis are produced in different metals and different shades.

We excel in white gold, yellow and pink in diferents karats, with or without gemstones and various textures.


Inspired by the moments that mark our life, Romantis is divided into distinct lines, such as the Golden Pureness, White Pureness, Crafted Love, Two Souls, True Love and Sweet Moments.


The customization of each piece Romantis allows the creation of unique stories with transcendent feelings, from dating, through engagement, marriage and remarkable anniversaries of our experience, such as the wedding of silver and diamond wedding.

A dream becomes true when a great love becomes real


Romantis – Special Moments
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