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The Wedding and engagement rings Romantis are pieces containing noble metal and precious gemstones. These materials have different hardness and therefore we should have some caution when in contact to avoid damaging the surfaces of the materials.
So to these pieces become eternal as the love that binds two people you should deal with your rings conveniently and adapted to the specificity of each piece..


Romantis jewels are made with precious metals. Ductile metals, which in contact with surfaces of different nature and hardness, can be damaged.
So we advise you to take basic care in the handling of your jewelry, because squeezing the jewelry against other metals or surfaces (granite, bricks, wood, etc.) imply structural damages to the pieces.
Similarly, may affect the finishes with which the jewels are produced and may require professional intervention to return to the original form


Some of the Romantis engagement rings contains pearls and those require special attention because they can be damaged on contact to chemicals, as well as with hair spray, make-up, perfumes, among others.
The pearls can never be cleaned in ultrasonic cleaners or detergents. Romantis advises to clean your pearls with a soft, dry or moistened cloth with water. If you need to moisten the cloth, first let the pearls dry before storing or using again.
Finally, as pearls are vulnerable to heat and condensation, we recommend the silk paper if you need to store your ring, because this allows the entry of air between the pearls.


The diamonds are the most widely used gem in Romantis pieces, in wedding or engagement rings. Despite being a natural gem with a higher quality, the pieces containing diamonds a little more to the surface, they will scratch other metals and precious stones. Furthermore, although the diamond is the hardest gem if it uffers a strong impact may fracture and as a result the stone can be damaged or lost.
To clean diamonds, removing all the fat that may have accumulated, we recommend the cleaning with warm water, a very soft toothbrush and a little grease soap. Then rinse with clean water and be sure that all the soap waste is removed. Finally, wipe it with a clean, soft and dry cloth.

Maintenance and Restoration

At Romantis we have qualified specialists who can evaluate the state of your jewellery and detect the type of maintenance that should be applied. After the analysis, our team will define the type of maintenance and restoration practice needed such as:

  • Polishment
  • Rhodium
  • Cleaning
  • Adjust the size of your ring
  • Stone setting of precious stones
  • Changes of the initial design

Romantis recommends a periodic and professional maintenance to their pieces.


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