Warranty and Authenticity

Warranty Conditions

Romantis applies lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects in its products. This guarantee is valid and always applied, if it is determined that there is a structural problem in the piece and that it be counted as a manufacturing defect.
In these cases, our team evaluates and promotes the correction of the defect and if that is not possible then we switch the piece without additional costs for the consumer.
It is noteworthy that our pieces are produced with noble metals, synthetic or natural gems, inherent to a number of incidences uses in day-to-day, which requires from the consumers some basic care in the piece´s maintenance.
It is important to note that it´s not considered manufacturing defects some cases, such as scratch / kneading of pieces, stones that were broken and the fading oh the piece’s finishes.


All Romantis jewels are produced and controlled by a serial number, which allows full traceability of the Jewel, today and for your whole life. This serial number, is provided in the authenticity certificate we give and allows to prove the authenticity of your jewel, controlling important data, such as metal, gems or the jewelry weight
We will also give you, according to the due value, a guarantee certificate referring to the stone settings in all the diamond pieces sold by Romantis.

We also have an  “Authenticity” menu, where you should insert your serial number, given al the moment you bought your piece. Check all the data and activate your guarantee so you can obtain your piece´s authenticity confirmation (only for pieces bougjt after 01st July 2016).


Gem Quality

Romantis applies in the production of its pieces varied jewelry gems. Synthetic gemstones are produced according to high quality standards which ensures the durability and brightness of the stones. The natural gemstones such as diamonds are chosen from the finest lots on the market, with high standard of purity, color and brightness. Also note that all the stones used in the production of our jewelry, are attested as free of conflict diamonds, based on their personal knowledge and written guarantees provided by its suppliers.

Noble Metals Quality

Romantis jewels are produced with the most noble metals. Thus, the use of silver, gold or platinum in our jewelry, is a natural process which results from the company´s tradition of producing jewelry. These metals may have different colors and purities by the criteria and consumer´s expectations. We can produce our jewelry in varied karats, might be in gold, silver or platinum, in order to ensure the proper solution to the profile of each of our clients.


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