The delicacy and the gentleness, the brilliance and the exclusiveness from the Platinum, present in the jewels Romantis!

Did you know that the Platinum is 35 times rarer than the gold?

The Platinum has the king's statute from the precious metal, is more lasting than the gold and is considered a metal full of magic.

Of the precious metal, the platinum is the most hard and it never loses his color and his brilliance along the times, which gives it a special value. Wear resistant and with extreme durability level, it offers a guarantee of deep longevity. It is a metal totally non-allergenic, perfect for intolerant consumers to some metal.


“I dream of having a white wedding ring on my wedding. Must I choose an alliance in platinum?”

Which is the difference from white gold and the platinum? The final result of the jewel is visually very identic, but there are important differences to be taken in account!

Now see:

Which the differences between the Platinum and the Gold?

  • Both have a white hue, but only the platinum is eternally of the original color;
  • The platinum does not get dark or oxidize, however, the white gold needs maintenance to have its white and glossy appearence permanently;
  • The platinum by nature is a metal rarer than gold;
  • The platinum besides rare, implicates process of production and skilled labor;
  • The platinum is more dense and, so, more weighed than the gold;

What are the most important characteristics of Platinum?

  • The Platinum can be produced in several touches, being the most highly regarded the touch 950;
  • The melting temperature of the platinum is extremely high from about 1750º;
  • The platinum as a noble and exclusive metal provides extremely silver-plated brilliance and shade that is eternal;
  • The platinum does not lack protection baths, because its final aspect is natural;
  • The Platinum is a scarce metal with production of a few million tons, making it the precious metal of choice for its rarity;

For Romantis, 2018 is a very special year, the celebration of 10 years existence.

In order to mark this date, the Romantis makes the difference in its collection – with alliances and rings of engagement in platinum.

The new collection presents, between others, five irreverent solitary rings and a collection of 18 exclusive wedding rings, with an extremely platinum brilliance and shade that is unique and eternal.

Discover our collection from platinum of engagement and the marriage collection.

The platinum is the best choice to reveal the natural brilliance of the jewel and of the diamonds.



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